gary walbrun


Gary Walbrun  started playing guitar as a kid and he carries the same passion for the instrument and music to RyvrWud  today.  With roots in folk, rock and rhythm & blues, Gary also blends Celtic, fingerstyle and latin modes to create a unique style. His travels have often inspired original instrumental compositions, weaving "stories without words" about places and people that have most touched him. Gary and Tom started playing guitar together as kids and formed their first group, the Chartreuse Albatross Trio, in East Central Wisconsin. Tom moved to Minneapolis and Gary joined him there after finishing  college.  While finding success in the business world, Gary was also a founding member of several bands including  Jasper, Rumor, and Full Moon. His inquisitive musicality eventually led him back to acoustic guitar, and a love of open and alternate tunings. 

Musical Notes: "It was always difficult to write original material. But experimenting with different tunings, forced me to leave behind the structures I knew so well, to get out of my head and just listen to what the instrument was saying. That was a real turning point for me, and suddenly I found a musical voice of my own that I never knew I had. Each of my instrumental songs tells a story of some kind, anchored in the events and people in my life. But I often don't know exactly what the story is until after the song has evolved and found its own legs."

Since 2010 Gary has worked as a volunteer for GUITARS FOR VETS, a non-profit charity that helps veterans suffering with PTSD and other trauma to rediscover joy and purpose through the healing power of music. Gary founded and managed G4V chapters in four cities in North and South Carolina (Charlotte, Asheville, Columbia and Charleston), teaching guitar to many veterans of all ages. Gary is currently a volunteer instructor for the Greenville, SC G4V chapter. Visit to learn about this great program, find a chapter near you, volunteer, or make a donation. Please spread the word! 

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