The Complete Tales From the Armadillo


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The Complete Tales From the Armadillo

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Every song from all three volumes of the Tales From The Armadillo Trilogy. SET YOUR OWN PRICE - we donate 50% of your price to GUITARS FOR VETS! If you prefer not to buy, but like what you hear, please hit that SHARE button to spread the good word to your friends!

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ryvrwud 2023

Special Thanks To: Mike Zampogna (organ) on Nothing Gold; John Wright (bass) and Mark Catoe (sax) on An Evening In Prague. All Songs arranged, performed, recorded and produced at Mr. Moon Studios East & West. RyvrWud songs written by Tom Riopelle and Gary Walbrun - Mr. Moon Publishing & 2022. Cover design and art by Kathleen Kaye (Riopelle).

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